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Tracing Momentum

Metropolitan Flow & Occupancy Mapping

The instance of bumping into another while on a voyage. The long commute, the bumps, falls, the forgetful chaos, and sudden stops.


What if the momentum of a journey could be captured visually?  This automated drawing machine brings to life the invisible instances that occur in a metropolitan train. Movement is reflected by a wooden ball rolling on a suspended drawing board, mapping the vehicle's direction and acceleration over time. Following the dance of the metro as it weaves through tunnels, a trail of calligraphy ink records the forces felt by passengers in their crossing through the transitory public space.


Category: Exhibition & Publication

Exhibition: Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, Barcelona, Spain

Developed at: IAAC, Barcelona

Duration: 6 months

Researchers: Sebastian Munera & Lili Tayefi

Curated by: Edouard Cabay

Film Production: Jean Sebastian Munera

Music: Glass Animals, Gooey

How can energy be drawn?

The exhibition Traces - Delineating incidents unveils a series of drawings that translate natural forces into graphical manifestations.


Set up as an investigation on energy, each plate was produced without the direct intervention of the hand; they are produced by a constructed mechanism that enables the pen to move, machinically dictated by the force. Set up as the constant repetition of a calligraphic action, these drawings feature chance or randomness, yet the suggestive unpredictable nature of the act leads to the emergence of certain patterns that invites the reading of the physical phenomenon.

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