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In Defense of Capitalism

Biodegradable Plastic Material Research

What will the human of the future be like? 

Focusing on the human skin, as a means for protection but also a mediator of our senses and the environment, the research wanted to look into ways of creating novel interactions and bodily experiences.

MAA students experimented with rawmaterials and recipes to create thin membranes and surfaces, which were further supplemented through embedded electronics. Besides developing advanced material systems, a crucial task for the students was been to think about the practical applications and implications of a second skin.

The first phase of the seminar focused on creating new materials or combining existing materials into advanced composites, with a particular focus on bioplastics and kombucha. During the second part of the course students could investigate the augmentation and actuation of the material systems through means of electronics and physical computing.

The final phase was reserved to developing a functional application, working prototype and speculative future scenario, presented through means of video and material catalogues.


Category: Material Research

Location: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Duration: 3 week production

Researchers: Yasamin Khalilbeigi, Firas Safieddine, Lili Tayefi

Directed by: Manuel Kretzer and Anastasia Pistofidou

Film Production: Firas Safieddine

Media is taking over

From the age of politics,

to our days of economics

The world is being mediated


More and more Ideology is a constant

We are eliminating what we label as nature

Our fear made us swipe all the living species

We don’t want anyone to share the planet with us,

we live alone, with robots, with machines we think we can control

It’s becoming an open market


Personal businesses, we now rent our empty rooms, by some used products, work as taxi drivers...

all through software organizing our physical life


We will be selling and buying limbs, body parts

As second hand

According to our need It will get us profit

We will be so taken by the immortal human we became,

We want to try whatever is possible to make profit

Media, marketing and advertising is everywhere

Architecture is covered, we don’t really care about architecture

Sunlight is blocked by these huge coca cola panels

We are adapting

We hold brands all over us,

To fit in a social circle


It’s about making the best out of what we have

Not only buy a shirt, but tell everyone that you belong to this “club”

Or that


Our bodies will evolve

And change We will be cyborgs


Our skin will develop from a passive cover, to a more "advanced" tissue


It will grow the ability to show graphics

A Display We will be mobile billboards

Electronics embedded in our skin will show the latest advertisements

It is profitable


We will start advertising for brand names

Latest offers Delivery hotline… And our own products

Used organs, body parts And humanity

Poem by Firas Safieddine

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